About us

What kind a business structure, do you have?

Is it the right structure for you?

How do you know?

Are you getting the right questions from your CPA?

Are you asking your CPA the right questions?

The majority of business owners are paying too much in tax, how to find out if you are?

When do I need an attorney and when can I do things myself?

What else should I know, that I don’t?

After 30 years of being a business owner, I have built this site to provide the answer to questions that can save the typical business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.
SBO Advocates is dedicated to educating small business owners and providing solutions to the most basic business, legal and tax strategy solutions. Every small business owner needs to have experts in their corner. We can help you put together a powerful team of experts that will give you confidence today, tomorrow and in the future.
If you would like to be a contributor to our site, or if you have any questions or suggestions you may have, please contact us.