Sales Prospecting Strategies

The soul is what drives us to grow, achieve, search, learn – all in a singular quest to become more. Whether a business or a human, if we squelch this life force, the process of dying ensues. We are either growing or dying and the choice is ours.

Terri Maxwell

Growth provides a business

  • A competitive advantage
  • Better reporting
  • Achievable goals
  • The ability to hire more employees
  • Additional income
  • Increased business valuation

3 Keys to any prospecting strategy

  1.  Focus, Focus, Focus
  • Pick a customer type that you have interest in
  • Become an expert
    • What unique problems do they have?
    • What does the future hold for them?
  • Don’t be afraid to give up customers that are not in your focus group
  • Avoid changing customer types
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of what’s happening in their firm / industry.
  • Align your message with their issues, goals, objectives and concerns.
  • Bring them ideas, insights and information about highly relevant topics.
  • Sound like a colleague who’s been thinking about their business challenges.
  1. Stop “Touching Base”

Instead of calling to “check in” or “touch base” with a prospect, provide some value.

Don’t make it about what you want

Be careful not to act selfish. You are a sales rep and you are trying to sell something, they know that, they can even smell it on your breath.

  • Business owners love to talk about their business, so let them do it.
  • Keep notes on their projects and ask them about how they are doing with those projects.
  • Get to know their employees, their hobbies and their families

Create and Give Value

  • Bring something to them that has value
  • Know their problems and keep an eye out on how you can offer introductions to others that might help with their problems, for nothing in return
  • Buy their time
    • People like swag, so give it to them
  • Focus on them and their business
  1. Do Better Pre-Call/Visit Planning
  • Review your notes from previous conversations
  • Review your knowledge about their company and their industry
    • Be mentally and emotionally prepared for the call or visit. Think of your visit or call as a performance and you are going on stage.

Finally, know what you are good at – what makes you money.

The typical car sales rep will sell 3 cars a week. Joe Girard is on record as the world’s most successful car salesman. At his peak he was selling 28 cars a week.

How did he do that? His focus was on two things

  1. Timing
    1. People will buy a new car every 4 years on average
  2. Knowing his strength

Based on these two areas of focus he built a prospecting and marketing funnel system.

  • Every year he had an assistant send a birthday card to every previous client, because he knew that every previous client was also a future prospect
  • At the 4-year mark, he would have a marketer call the client and invite them back into the lot to see the new cars
  • During their visit an assistant would greet the client and escort them on a test drive
  • Finally, the prospect would meet with Joe, to close the deal
  • After every sell, he would ask them for referrals

Did Joe work longer hours than the average car sales rep, No. but Joe did make a truck load more money, because he understood how to build a marketing campaign funnel and he knew what he was good at, and hired out the rest.


Phil Berry

Building Lead Systems that create wealth opportunities