Stand out in a Crowd

Every consumer will be hit with 5,000 marketing impressions every day, each one making the statement that their offer is better than the last one.

So, how do you compete with the 5,000 not to mention your own competition. The answer is to stand out, But how?

  • McDonald build their empire by being clean and consistent
  • Amazon built their business with convenience, and free shipping
  • Fed Ex built their company by being faster than anyone else

Here are 10 keys to standing out;

  1. Be easy to find
    1. Do not make your customers search for you. With Google aids, it is easy to get top placement when someone is searching your name and city, there is no excuse for someone typing in your name and city and you not being at the top of the non-ad, list.
    2. Depending on where you live, you may want to consider buying ad space for your name and city. It may be a cheap way to have both the search top listing and the ad space top listing.
  2. Ask your customers how you can improve.
    1. Not by survey, we are frankly surveyed to death.
    2. Ask them in person; It’s a simple and powerful way to set yourself apart,
      1. “How did we do?”
      2. “What could we do better”
  • “What else could we do to improve”
  1. Give them something they are not expecting
    1. A free desert
    2. A free oil-change
    3. Something for free
      1. People want swag, it makes them feel special
    4. Be happy and create a happy and pleasant environment
      1. A smile is free, it costs nothing, and it is contagious
      2. Treat your employees well, smile at them and they will smile at your customers
    5. Be involved as an owner
      1. Everyone wants to know the owner of a business, be proud of your business and it will show. Introduce yourself to your customers, make them feel welcome in your business
    6. Defend your people
      1. Not all customers are the same. South West Airlines has a list of people who are not allowed to fly on their airline because they were rude to one of their employees. Do the same and stand behind your people, when they are not at fault. Build a culture of loyalty
    7. Create exclusive offers
      1. Make your regular customers feel special
      2. Reward their loyalty
    8. Be creative and innovative
      1. Always have an answer to “what is new?”
    9. Reward your employees
      1. Build a profit-sharing program
      2. Sell the company to your employees, through an ESOP
      3. Create compensation that includes an incentive for excellence
    10. Be the best you can be
      1. In the end you cannot control what anyone else does, but you can be the best you can be. John Wodden built a basket-ball dynasty with the simple approach of everyone striving to be their best.


Building a unique business that stands out is hard work, but it does not have to be expensive, in fact more of these ideas will cost little or no money and if they do, the return will be must greater than the expense.


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